Voice For Life

Voice for Life is a singing training scheme for choirs run by the Royal School of Church Music. More information for singers can be found here.

RSCM singing awards support Voice for Life. Successful candidates are entitled to wear RSCM bronze silver or gold medals. You can find out more about the awards by talking to your choir director or contacting us.

At RSCM NW Europe we have our own examiners for Bronze and Silver awards and bring experienced examiners from the RSCM for Gold awards when needed.

All N-W Europe exams follow the same syllabus as the rest of the RSCM. We also provide some useful supporting notes for trainers and candidates,  which have kindly been provided by our colleagues from Guildford Area. Gold awards continue to be administered centrally.

RSCM Awards Syllabus

RSCM Bronze and Silver Syllabus
RSCM Gold Syllabus
Bronze and Silver repertoire lists

The following resources were produced to complement the previous syllabus, and may be useful when preparing for the exam:

Supporting Notes

The following links bring you to sections of the RSCM online shop which might be particularly useful during preparation:

Voice for Life Repertoire
Voice for Life Workbooks
Psalters and Psalm Chants