Gordon Appleton

It was with great sadness that we learned of the passing of Gordon Appleton, a great friend of RSCM Northwest Europe and European Cathedral Singers. 

More details can be found at the RSCM website here.  Elsewhere on the web, a page with some memories of gordon from around the world has been set up on legacy.com.

As it turned out, for many of us our last memory of Gordon will be of his visits during our time at York Minster in August 2017. Here Gordon (centre) and organist James Pollard are admiring Jos’ erudite encapsulation of a week’s singing into three sentences.

Another Premiere!

Last August our choir ECS were privileged to perform the World (UK) and Netherlands premieres of a new piece – Our Last Awakenings by Grayston Ives, commissioned specially for ECS by member Penny – at York Minster and the St Bavo Kerk Haarlem, respectively.

Most of us probably thought that this would be enough excitement for a while, but we are excited to announce the forthcoming premiere of a new piece by Stevie Wishart at our annual Choral festival. See below for more details about the event.

We are heading for another premiere, this time in Paris in November – it never rains but it pours!

More on that one soon.

2018 Choral Festival update

We have updated our event listing for this year’s RSCM NW Europe and Arch-deaconary of North West Europe Choral Festival, this year to be held in Brussels. 

If you are interested in attending and are a member of an affiliated choir, then your Choir Director or other RSCM contact already has all the information  that you need. Failing that, interested singers can contact us directly! 

Singing weekend announced!

ECS members should look out for an email announcing our singing weekend at Kasteel De Berckt, in early April. To be led by well-known UK choral director Gordon Appleton, this weekend promises to be chock-full of great music and singing! 

A small number of places are still available – interested singers can contact us.

Kasteel de Berckt Baarlo

York draws to a close

After singing 3 services today on our final day at York Minster many of us are now on our way home. A notable organ voluntary from David Whitehead ended a very peaceful Sunday Evensong service following music from Sumsion, W S Lloyd Webber, and Fauré as well as an interesting sermon – subjects today over the three services ranged from doing good and recognizing good in others to the business of professional football!

Thanks to the community at York Minster for providing a wonderful welcome and uplifting  services. This picture was taken earlier in the day as you can see from Francis’ darkened spectacles…

Notice also one of this year’s top fans – Jesse prominent at the front. Clearly a future conductor!

Thanks to Richard and Rob for the excellent photo.

Singing at York

We are about halfway through our Summer visit, this year to sing services at York Minster. This evening Friday is the world Premiere of “Our Last Awakening” by Grayston Ives. Its not too late to come along – be there early as it has been full every day so far this week!

Credit to Sigrid (I think!) for the beautifully lit photograph


Hymns for York

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Have a look on the members page to find links to the hymns for york. The music list is also updated to the latest version.

Music Sunday

RSCM music Sunday is a day to celebrate church music on or around 18th June. It is organised by RSCM who have lots of information about planning your own event here:

RSCM Music Sunday