York draws to a close

After singing 3 services today on our final day at York Minster many of us are now on our way home. A notable organ voluntary from David Whitehead ended a very peaceful Sunday Evensong service following music from Sumsion, W S Lloyd Webber, and Fauré as well as an interesting sermon – subjects today over the three services ranged from doing good and recognizing good in others to the business of professional football!

Thanks to the community at York Minster for providing a wonderful welcome and uplifting  services. This picture was taken earlier in the day as you can see from Francis’ darkened spectacles…

Notice also one of this year’s top fans – Jesse prominent at the front. Clearly a future conductor!

Thanks to Richard and Rob for the excellent photo.

Singing at York

We are about halfway through our Summer visit, this year to sing services at York Minster. This evening Friday is the world Premiere of “Our Last Awakening” by Grayston Ives. Its not too late to come along – be there early as it has been full every day so far this week!

Credit to Sigrid (I think!) for the beautifully lit photograph