The beauty of Gloucester Cathedral

Quite apart from the wonderful organ and acoustic at Gloucester, it is an incredible privilege to be surrounded by some of the finest english church architecture in existence (and our own in-house heritage expert to explain some of it!).

The cloisters are a very quiet and peaceful part of the Cathedral. It is easy to imagine these cloisters in use when they were first built hundreds of years ago. 

Choir members admire the surroundings as we assemble before a service.



Singing at Gloucester – a glimpse of the process

We are now about halfway through our week singing at Gloucester Cathedral where we support the cathedral in its daily business while the Cathedral Choir are on holiday. Following a restful day off on Thursday, we are now gearing up for the rest of the week, with Evensong each evening as well as the regular Sunday morning service to come. Each day the pile of music becomes a little more manageable as we run through the repertoire for the week with music from all eras – so far including composers from JS Bach to Morten Lauridsen via English favourites such as Charles Wood and T Tertius Noble. The full musical programme will be published on this website when we return.


Countdown to Gloucester

Just few days to go now before ECS assemble in Gloucester for a week’s singing in the Cathedral! 

With washing lines all over NW Europe heaving with freshly cleaned whites, frantic packing and last-minute music sorting no doubt in full swing, maybe there is just time to remind friends and family to come along?

Alternatively, if they can’t manage it why not point them to this blog where we will be posting some updates during the week for everyone to enjoy?

 The public programme is as follows: 

Monday Evensong 17:30 
Tuesday Evensong 17:30
Wednesday Choral Eucharist        17:30
Friday Evensong 17:30
Saturday Evensong 16:30
Sunday Sung Eucharist 10:15
Sunday Evensong 15:00

The choir’s programme can be found in the members’ area of this site.


…and yes, I will iron it once it is dry!