2013 – Southwell Minster

Monday 5 August – (Eve of Transfiguration) – Choral Evensong

Introit:                             O Nata Lux – Tallis

V&R:                               Michael Walsh

Psalms:                            99 & 110

Canticles:                        Wood in E flat no 1

Anthem:                          O for a closer walk with God – Grayston Ives


Tuesday 6 August – (Transfiguration) – Choral Evensong

Introit:                             Holy is the true light – Harris

V&R:                               Gabriel Jackson

Psalm:                             72

Canticles:                        Sumsion in G

Anthem:                          O nata Lux – Morten Lauredsen

Hymn:                             494 (t413)


Wednesday 7 August – Choral Evensong

Introit:                             Prayer of King Henry VI – Henry Ley

V&R:                               Gabriel Jackson

Psalm:                             37 (7th evening)

Canticles:                        Harwood in A flat

Anthem:                          Vox Christi – Philip Wilby


Friday 9 August – Choral Evensong

Introit:                             The Lord will come and not be slow – Christopher Tye

V&R:                               Smith 5 part

Psalms:                            47-48-49 (9th evening)

Canticles:                        Purcell in G minor

Anthem:                          Prayer of King Henry VI – Gabriel Jackson


Saturday 10 August – Choral Evensong

Introit:                             God be in my head – Nicholson

V&R:                               Leighton new

Psalms:                            53-54-55 (10th evening)

Canticles:                        Blair in B minor

Anthem:                          Ascribe unto the Lord – S. Wesley

Hymns:                            225 (t.385)


Sunday 11 August – Choral Eucharist

Mass setting:                   Darke in F or Stanford in A Communion setting

Motet:                             I give to you a new commandment – Nardone

Hymns:                            440, 297, 285(i), 383(ii), 388(i)


Sunday 11 August –  – Choral Evensong

Introit:                             Bless, O Lord, us thy servants – Harper

V&R:                               Leighton

Psalm:                             108

Canticles:                        Stanford in A

Anthem:                          Love Divine – Howard Goodall

Hymns:                            409, 333

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