Choral Evensong – Bavo – 22nd August 2010

Order of Service

    •    Introit: “Praise the Lord, ye servants” – J.Blow (Anthems for choirs 1 page 174)
    •    Processional hymn: NEH 433 (tune Hanover) “O worship the King” (verses 1-2-3-6) (to be sent by Philip)
    •    Preces: The Morland Responses – G.Ellis
    •    Psalm 103 chant NCP 205 – J.Lemon (to be sent by Philip)
1st Reading
    •    Magnificat – P.Aston – St. Andrew service
2nd Reading
    •    Nunc Dimittis – P.Aston – St. Andrew service
The Creed – spoken by the choir
    •    Responses : The Morland Responses – G. Ellis
Three collects
    •    Anthem : “Blessed be the God and Father” – S.S.Wesley
Spoken prayers by the minister
    •    Choir: “Grant to your servants, O God” – R.Lloyd
    •    Hymn: NEH 252  (tune St.Clement) “The day thou gavest” (to be sent by Philip)
    •    we walk to the crossing of the church and sing the:  Festal Dismissal – (Naylor) – if you don’t have this, ask Rob U for a copy


Practical Information

The service begins at 19.00.  Please be at the church between 16.45 and 17.00 for the rehearsal. The entrance to the church is on the southside, at Oude Groenmarkt 9, Haarlem.

There will also be a rehearsal on Friday 20th August at 20.00 at the Old Catholic Church in Amsterdam.

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