Choral Festivals

The RSCM North West Europe organizes an annual Choral Festival for the Archdeaconry, which is hosted in either The Netherlands, Belgium or Luxembourg.  The festival is usually led by a conductor from the UK, and culminates in a service, usually around 17.00.  The form of the service alternates between a “themed service” (for example, in 2007 the theme of the service was Music) and a choral evensong, the core of the Anglican musical tradition.

In 2016 the Choral Festival was hosted by the Anglican Church in Ghent. An Evensong using the RSCM Festival Book ‘Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done’ (Magna Carta). Without this Festival book admittance to the choir is not permitted.

Alistair Warwick, RSCM co-ordinator for Scotland, conducted the choir.

Preces and Responses Thomas Ebdon, we will do Sumsion in A, and anthems by Bernadette Farrel, Malcolm Archer and Margaret Rizza. 

Information for the day can also be found on our Facebook page: RSCM NW Europe & European Cathedral Singers. 

The 2017 choral festival will be held in The Hague. 

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