Let Saints on Earth

CD Cover - Let Saints on EarthThis is the latest recording from the combined choirs affiliated to the Royal School of Church Music in the Benelux region. The CD features anthems for the various seasons of the church year. The choir is conducted by Martin van Bleek and the organ accompaniments are shared between James Pollard and Patrick Hopper.



  1. Henry Ley – A Prayer of Henry VI
  2. Malcolm Archer – Creator of the Stars of Night
  3. Charles Wood – O Thou the central Orb
  4. Robin Nelson – Tomorrow shall be my dancing day
  5. Herbert Sumsion – Arise, shine
  6. W.S. Lloyd Webber – Barcarolle (organ solo)
  7. John Rutter – God be in my head
  8. Herbert Howells – O pray for the peace of Jerusalem
  9. Andrew Parnell – Oculi omnium
  10. Edward Bairstow – Lamentation
  11. Edward Bairstow – Save us, O Lord
  12. W.S. Lloyd Webber – Most glorious Lord of Lyfe
  13. Kenneth Leighton – Fanfare (organ solo)
  14. Herbert Brewer – Prevent us, O Lord
  15. Malcolm Archer – Who is this who comes
  16. Brian Kelly – Rejoice the Lord is King
  17. William Mathias – Lift up your heads, O ye gates
  18. Grayston Ives – Listen sweet dove
  19. Herbert Sumsion – Holy is the Lord God
  20. Arthur Wills – Procession (organ solo)
  21. Tertius Noble – Come, labour on
  22. William Harris – Holy is the true light
  23. Anthony Caesar – Let Saints on earth


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